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Understanding and Addressing Thumb Sucking in Babies

Thumb sucking is a natural reflex for babies that can provide comfort and help them learn about their world. However, prolonged thumb sucking might lead to dental issues or affect speech development. Here's what parents need to know about this common habit and the implications it may have.

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Sick child, toddler boy lying on the couch in living room with a fever, mother checking their temperature

What to Do When Your Baby Has a Cough

A cough in a baby can be concerning, but it's a common symptom that often accompanies minor illnesses like colds. Childhealthy offers a comprehensive guide to help you understand when a cough is a simple part of your baby’s development and when it may be something that needs a doctor's attention.

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doctor with stethoscope listening to a baby

The Newborn Check: What Does a Paediatrician Look For?

After the arrival of your baby, one of the first and most important medical assessments is the newborn check. This examination, which should be performed within 72 hours of birth, plays a crucial role in ensuring your baby's health. Childhealthy explains what this check involves and why it’s so important.

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a close up photo of a father feeding his baby with a spoon. The baby has their mouth wide open ready to eat the food on the spoon.

Starting Your Baby on Solids: A Guide for New Parents

One of the most exciting milestones in your baby’s first year is introducing them to solid foods. It's a significant step in their development, and many parents look forward to seeing their baby's reaction to new tastes and textures. Childhealthy is here to help you understand when and how to begin this journey.

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